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$65 - Self-study: Tax Attributes in Reorganization: Is There a There There?

$65 - Self-study: Industry Franchising

$65 - Self-study: Liability Management Transactions

$65 - Self-study: Farmers in Peril

$65 - Self-study: Prepayment Premiums in Bankruptcy

$65 - Self-study: Coal Mining Industry Financial Health Overview

$65 - Self-study: How Will Mexico Restructure Its Energy Industry?

$65 - Self-study: Fraudulent Transfers: A Legal and Valuation Perspective

$65 - Self-study: Crisis in For-Profit Education: Subprime Goes to College

$65 - Self-study: Restructurings in the Grocery Industry

$65 - Self-study: Article 9 Amendments: How they Impact Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors, Pt. 1 - The Debtor's Name

$65 - Self-study: Electronically Stored Information in the Bankruptcy Context

$65 - Self-study: Unique Aspects of Asset Sales Involving Nonprofit Health Care Businesses

$65 - Self-study: Intellectual Property Licenses in Bankruptcy

$65 - Self-study: The Legal Theory of Alter Ego

$65 - Self-study: Tax Considerations in Troubled Company Situations

$65 - Self-study: Fiduciary Duties of Directors and Officers of Distressed Companies

$65 - Self-study: Fraudulent Conveyance Claims: Where Are We After TOUSA?

$65 - Self-study: Proactive Fraud Detection and Review for Troubled Companies

$65 - Self-study: Recent Issues in Financial Reporting: Liquidation Accounting

$95 - Self-study: Update on Bankruptcy Law and Restructuring Environment in China

$65 - Self-study: Buying Assets from a Bankrupt Estate, ยง363

$125 - Self-study: Receivership Toolbox, Part 3, Out of State Receivers, Fraud and Technical Aspects

$125 - Self-study: Receivership Toolbox, Part 2, How to Operate a Receivership

$125 - Self-study: Receivership Toolbox, Part 1

$195 - Bankruptcy Code: A Discussion of the Key Provisions, Including Those Relevant to the Financial Advisor

$195 - Bankruptcy Basics


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