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CIRA Courses

  • Part 2: Online, OL: Apr 18-26, 2023
  • Part 3: Online, OL: May 23-31, 2023
  • Part 1: Newport Beach, CA: Jun 05-06, 2023

CDBV Courses

  • Part 1: Newport Beach, CA: Jun 05- 06, 2023
  • Part 2: Online, OL: Aug 07- 11, 2023
  • Part 3: Online, OL: Aug 22- 31, 2023

AIRA Puerto Rico Chapter

In September 2013, during what appeared to be an unending recession since the 2006 cancellation of Section 936 for Puerto Rico, Jose M Monge Robertín, CPA, CIRA, with the support of Dr. Grant Newton, CPA, CIRA and the Puerto Rico Society of CPAs, commenced to provide the CIRA Review courses and examinations in San Juan for the first time. In December 17, 2014 Monge called for a meeting of AIRA members in Puerto Rico, and proposed the creation of a Puerto Rico Chapter of AIRA. AIRA had not developed chapters nationally, however a chapter seemed necessary for Puerto Rico, due to the differences in economic circumstances, the large number of liquidations and the limited number of CIRAs in the Island.

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