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Current Professional Certifications – Please indicate non-AIRA certifications held

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Membership Category & Dues – Select Member Type

$375 Regular Member
AIRA members without certifications.
$495 CIRA
Members holding CIRA designation.
$495 CDBV
Members holding CDBV designation.
$545 CIRA & CDBV
Members holding both CIRA & CDBV designation.
$595 CIRA (Inactive)
Note:This includes the one–time $100 reinstatement fee for inactive CIRAs that let their certification lapse for up to 1 year. Reinstatement applications shall be accompanied by a statement describing the applicant’s professional and continuing education experience subsequent to the time the certificate was deactivated. A reinstatement fee of $725 and the standard annual fee must accompany the reinstatement application for any applicants who apply for reinstatement beyond one (1) year. To reinstate a CIRA certification that has lapsed for more than a year, contact the AIRA offices by phone (541) 858-1665 or email .
$75 Government Employee/Academic/Service Member
U.S. trustee, assistant U.S. Trustee; bankruptcy attorneys, analysts and other professionals employed by U.S. Trustee; Bankruptcy Judges; clerks and other government employees; university and college full-time professors and lecturers; full-time students; full-time military personnel.
$75 Retired Member
To be eligible for the Retired Member rate, a member must (1) be (a) sixty years or older,* (b) a member for at least ten years, of which five years must be consecutive, and (c) employed for less than 500 hours per year; and (2) provide written notice to the Executive Director that the eligibility criteria have been satisfied. If a member has satisfied the eligibility requirements and such eligible member is a CIRA, the member would receive emeritus status.

*In the case of retirement for medical reasons, an exception to the minimum retirement age may be granted upon approval by the Executive Director.